The Course Approach

Some professional bodies are more focusing on financial accounting and finance field while the other’s focal point is towards management accounting and performance pillar. Whereas some more concentrate on taxation and auditing things, and some feel that decision making and financial investment is much more important that’s why they are producing financial accountants, management accounts, public accountants, financial analysts and taxations experts etc. Therefore, we tried our level best that the student of our CPA Programme should have the diverse knowledge of all major areas and the employer will have more pleasure to hire our qualified accountants.

We have designed the unique educational product having six following pillars. It is our programme differentiation and gives our qualified CPAs a comparative advantage in the real marketplace, (complete course lists of Old and New Syllabus is given in the next tabs):-

A. Taxation and Laws pillar
B. Investment and Reporting pillar
C. Enterprise pillar
D. Finance pillar
E. Performance pillar
F. Audit pillar

And the course is also divided into five levels: -

1. Foundation level
2. Operational level
3. Management level
4. Strategic level
5. Competence level