Individual Membership

Individual Membership Grades

There’s a membership grade to suit everyone, from those just starting out to experienced practitioners and academics.

  1. Student membership
  2. Associate membership
  3. Fellow membership
  4. Honorary Fellows
  5. Academic / Educator membership
  6. Affiliate Certified Public Accountant (ACPA)

To apply, please download and complete membership application form AE-III from here.

1. Student membership

Student membership is for full-time and most part-time students attending courses which involve accountancy and audit.  As well as the benefits of an increased range of knowledge resources, you can network with experienced professionals and get a head start on your career.

2. Associate membership

Associate membership is for those who pass the CPA exams and fulfills the experience requirement. Achieving Associate member status demonstrates your professional achievement and experience as your application is assessed by your peers. It offers you access to an increased range of resources and demonstrates your commitment to developing your professionalism as well as providing a range of benefits unique to members. Now you can use the designation Associate International Certified Public Accountant . You are entitled to vote in international boards/chapters’ elections and at regional meetings. You may also stand for election to The Association international boards/chapters and hold a range of volunteer roles in the association.

3. Fellow membership

Fellows of The Association may use the post-nominal FICPA (Fellow International Certified Public Accountant).

The Association Fellowship recognizes those who have made a significant contribution to accountancy and audit field as a practitioner, teacher or researcher. Applicants will normally have been members of The Association for at least 5 years or have an equivalent level of experience in a senior position. Membership entitles you to a range of unique benefits.

You must submit a portfolio of evidence, demonstrating substantial achievement in professional practice, a contribution that has had an influence on the community and an active commitment to CPD. Applications are assessed by The Association Membership Panel, made up of experienced practitioners who are also Members of the association.

As a Fellow, you are entitled to vote in corporate board & international boards/chapters elections and at general meetings. You may also stand for election to The Association corporate & international board/chapters and hold a range of volunteer roles in the association. 

4. Honorary Fellows

The Association Honorary Fellows are those who have contributed significantly to the profession by:

  • §Development of a new technique
  • §Achievements in education.
  • §Published influential research.
  • §Introduced a new area of practice.
  • §Made a significant contribution to the profession via The Association or an equivalent body.
  • §Demonstrated ability and willingness to translate support for the profession in general and/or the Association in particular into significant external influence.

Nominations are processed by the Nominations Committee for recommendation to the Board.
The deadline for receipt of nominations is 1st June annually.

Nominations should be addressed to The Association Secretary and identify a proposer and a seconder, at least one of whom must be Associate ICPA or Fellow ICPA. The nomination, in not less than 400 words, should include a résumé of the nominee’s career and explicitly define their contribution to the profession and/or to The Association, together with supporting detail. Honorary Fellowship is available to all members and non-members (with the exception of existing board members) who have demonstrated compliance with The Association’s values at all times and who will have contributed significantly.

5. Academic / Educator membership

The Association’s Academic or Educator membership is available for those respectable full time teachers who are teaching related courses in accredited colleges, universities or professional bodies.  There are two categories are available for educators, i.e., teaching experience ranges from 1-5 years and 5-10 years.

The Association academic or educator members have significant opportunities to use valued resources online and within the linked national and international universities.  They can polish their teaching skills through certain seminars, workshops and collaborated research studies.

The Association gives special privileges to educators to enhance the boundaries of Public Accounting knowledge and exploring emerging trends in related fields. 




Affiliate membership is for those who have already passed accounting / commerce / business or similar subjects in their prior academic or professional learning. Anyone can become the ACPA (subject to The Association’s Academic & Membership Committee) who fulfil the minimum criteria of previously passed credit hours in accounting, commerce or business education and minimum experience requirement as mentioned in Bye-laws of The Association.


The Affiliate Certified Public Accountant (ACPA) is not entitled to vote for corporate board & international boards/chapters elections and at general meetings. ACPA may also not stand for election to The Association corporate & international board/chapters and however, ACPA can hold a range of volunteer roles in the association.