About Us

About Us:

The Association is duly registered under prevailing laws as Non-Government & Non-Profit International Professional Organization. The Association of International Certified Public Accountants is one of the prestigious international accountancy bodies, functioning in Europe, GCC, and ASEAN countries

The CPA designation is the most commonly used designation worldwide for professional accountants and the qualification enjoys wide international recognition. Our offered professional qualification and courses are duly recognized, attested & accredited by Employers.

Our CPA Program is global in scope and not country specific. Candidate should be in a position function in markets across the globe. This further opens up job opportunity. Some features are as under:

  • Global in design and outlook
  • Rigorous broad based intensive self-study graduate level program
  • Benefits include:

ü  International recognition and competitive advantage in job market

ü  Solid knowledge base and skill sets

ü  Respect and Credibility

The role of The Association:

  1. 1.Regulate CPAs in accordance with the bye-laws and The Association (and the related Institute's) Code of Ethics in the public interest;
  2. 2.Ensure that CPAs are constantly up to date in all matters relating to their professional work;
  3. 3.Maintain the highest levels of educational standards for new entrants to the profession,
  4. 4.Represent the interests of our members where appropriate.


ØFinancial & Public Accounting,

ØForensic & Investigative Accounting and Auditing Courses,

ØAccounting & Auditing Support,

ØManagement & Tax Accounting

ØIslamic Finance


Our CPA Professional Programme (CPAPRO) launched & managed by The Association of International Certified Public Accountants and The Association of International Certified Practising Accountants, Inc. as non-government and non-profit international professional organizations backed by Federal Governments (UK & PK) licensing and having the IPs / trademark priority privileges in the country of origin